BMW 520i, A Mid-Range Precision

Carrying all the useful tools and a perfect performing engine

BMW 520i
BMW 520i

BMW has created much perfection along the time and this 520i is one of them. Although it lies in the almost centre of BMW 5-Series but with such advanced instalments the car has really gone to the next level not letting the occupiers think that they in a starter. The styling is although does not have anything new but it is a style which is a mark of the brand. The drive is as if you are in a higher trim and the refinement shows itself in every situation. As being a petrol engine many would think that economy suffers but this is not the case. Economy wise the car is at the good side also. Also there is a cluster of tools which allows you to cover a journey with excitement factor alive all along.

BMW 520i Interior
BMW 520i Interior

Apart from the standard equipment the options present your choice with more customization which really improves the way your car behaves and the safety side also improves with it. Even there are separate automatic climate control systems installed for the front as well as the rear seats. All in all there is everything there for the convenience of occupiers and the one driving. 520i engines Supply and Fit is another customer convenience in a difficult situation.

Good pulling engine

There might be a conception that the engine of this vehicle is not what it should be but if you see it out of BMW context then the speed is outstanding for this engine. It is the well-known 16-valve with direct fuel injection twin-turbo with variable valve timing. The capacity is 2.0-litre engine with 4-cylinders. It produces 184 bhp with 270 Nm of torque and a 0-62 timing being 7.9 seconds.

BMW 520i Engine
BMW 520i Engine

The transmission associated with it is automatic and it is a rear wheel drive. With reduced weight the car performs even more and with good driving dynamics. It is the quality of BMW engines that they perform even when revved hard and do not mind the effort. BMW 520i engines are also designed in this way, you do not get disappointed in any way. Engine will not feel under power at any point and makes you really feel the fun part present.

Cabin Features

There are nicely comfortable seats with a good support. The front seats have power adjustment and there is a memory function for the driver’s seat so that you do not have to adjust it time and again. The dual zone automatic climate control really makes the environment in the rear and front equally according to the season. Then there are map lights and ambient lights present to give the inside a lavish look.

BMW 520i Rear View
BMW 520i Rear View

The audio system is also amazing with BMW professional audio with DVD drive. There are two cup holders in the front and back. Boot has remote control activation for the convenience of the driver. The front and rear parking sensors make you park in any tight space easily and if this cannot be done then auto parking is also available which is controlled by a remote. Hill start assistance track when there is slope going to start.

Crash Safety features

The vehicle scores high in case of crash tests and thus proves itself reliable in any such situation. There are although less offers as standard for the safety side.


These include front side, front and rear airbags, ABS, stability control, immobilizer, airbag disable function, child safety lock and ISOFIX for the two outer rear passenger seats. To get more you have to pay more. But many think that this safety gear is enough for the routine drive, but for those on longer journeys and unknown areas should have more to make the car safer.


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