How Light Weighing Vehicle Will Help?

The Light Weighting Vehicle Has Become Widely Researched Area as it will Help to Reduce Fuel Consumption of Average Vehicle Significantly

It is a big challenge for automotive experts in particular and auto industry in general, to increase the mileage of conventional fuel vehicles. The cars with petrol and diesel engine will deliver higher fuel efficiency in the future. The automotive researchers and experts are working hard to achieve the milestone of 50mpg for an average passenger cars powered with petrol or diesel engines.

Engine Technology

You can Buy used engines from, a premier price comparison services provider.  The following blog highlights the key engine technology that will help to achieve 50mpg milestone by 2050.

Possible Benefits of Weight Reduction:

Engineers are working to reduce the weights of all vehicles including cars and trucks. The latest development in regards with the material (used to make vehicle parts) has helped to achieve the challenge of automotive light weighting. According to the research, it has been found that 10% reduction in overall weight of a car helps to reduce fuel consumption by 6%.

Possible Benefits of Weight Reduction

Lighter and Reliable Engine Parts:

The goal of light weighting vehicle will be achieved with the advancement and development of lighter but reliable body components and engine parts. The scientists had been working for last few decades to achieve this goal.

Lighter and Reliable Engine Parts
Lighter and Reliable Engine Parts

You can find best reconditioned engines for sale online at Engines 4 Sale from trusted supplier. Some significant achievements have been made as well such as the current saloon models weigh around 3,000 pounds whereas its model of 30 years ago had weighed around 4,500.

Plastic Engines:

According to the researchers, there is a one word solution to make light weighting vehicle in the future and that word is “Plastic”. The scientists are working hard to develop more stronger and reliable plastic that will sustain under extreme temperature conditions.

It has been found that the company named, Polimotor has developed plastic engines and claims to reduce the weight around 30% as compared with the metal engine.

Plastic Engines
Plastic Engines

The race to develop strong, powerful and sustainable plastic engine has begun. It seems strange at first place but the today’s world has experienced unbelievable inventions and advancements likewise plastic engine may be the next big thing.


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