Mercedes-Benz Engines make the S-Class a Genuine Beauty

Mercedes-Benz 4.6 litre twin turbo V8 engines are the pride of S-Class and make it one of the best salons in the world

Mercedes-Benz is famous for its world class and powerful engines, however, the S-Class has all the exceptions to become more powerful, strong and safest saloon in the world.

The S-Class has several editions and the S550 again has some unique features to become a loving saloon in the entire S-Class.


What engines S550 offers?

A 4.6-litre twin turbo V8 engine has been offered in the S550. This Mercedes engine produces 455 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. The torque delivery starts with full power from only 1800 RPM and keep flowing at 3500 RPM. This exclusive all-wheel drive model is powered by 7G-Tronic plus automatic transmission. However, the rear wheel drive version is mated to the 4matic transmission.

It takes 4.8-seconds to get the pace of 62 miles per hour from a stand still position and in these 4.8 seconds it tells you the whole thing you wish to know about the power of S-Class. It has a constant presence of torque coming from its powerful engine which will push you into the soft seats. Overall ride is very smooth and the throttle response is outstanding. You can upgrade your Mercedes Vehicle by replace it’s engine and you can find Used Mercedes Engines for Sale at Engines4Sale.Co.UK


What kind of interior offered?

Actually, the entire class is inspired from the Maybach which is no longer offered by the Mercedes. Let’s start from the rear seats, acquired from the Maybach as they have the same style as in Maybach models. The S-Class has many optional gadgets including folding tables on the rear seats and four place seating with a refrigeration box.

In simple words, you can ask for a fully tailored rear cabin in the S-Class exactly according to your inspiration and level of flaunt which varies from customer to customer. It has a class leading infotainment system as standard on all trims.

Technological gadgets

Optional high end 3-D surround sound system is available along with an air balancing package which is again optional, it used to filter and ionize the air and use some perfumes to give a pleasant touch to the interior of the SL63.


Safety features

The all new S-Class is a masterpiece with bunch of safety features used to make it even more secure. It uses integrated radar sensors and stereoscopic camera technology to boost up the smoothness and safety.

However, an advanced and refreshed braking technology with brake assist and Cross Traffic Assistant helps the driver to spot the pedestrians and crossing traffic. Night View Assist Plus is also installed in the S-Class to spot on animals and other objects in the dark circumstances via a night-vision imaging.


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